Book Computer Repair in Peterborough & The Kawarthas

If you require computer repair services in the Peterborough or Kawartha Lakes area, schedule your appointment with Foster WebWorks today. We are dedicated to assisting our community and offer a diverse range of computer repair services tailored to your needs. Arrange convenient drop-off/pick-up times, and explore our options for remote support. We’re here to help!

Computer Repair
  • Hard drive replacement and upgrades
  • RAM (Memory) upgrades
  • Desktop power supply replacement and installation
  • Video card upgrades
  • Data backup and recovery solutions
  • Quick computer troubleshooting and diagnostics
Computer Updates & Upgrades
  • Upgrade operating system from older Windows
  • Update out-of-date software
  • Provide TLC for hardware
  • Avoid starting from scratch by upgrading existing system components or programs
Computer Tune-ups
  • Spyware and malware are more common than viruses
  • System speed may be affected, leading to potential security risks
  • Our tune-ups target and remove spyware, malware, and other common causes of computer slowdown
Custom Computer Builds
  • Custom-built computers save money in the long run
  • Compared to assembly line computers, higher quality parts are utilized in our systems.
  • We customize the design of a computer system to suit your specific requirements.

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