Lenson International Inc.

We are pleased to announce our latest client, Lenson International. Featuring a brand new main website with a responsive, mobile friendly design and e-commerce where you can purchase Beautiful on Raw facial and hair products, health books and other products to help promote a healthier you, they also have 3 other websites that have been redesigned featuring their own line of quality made Far Infrared Saunas and Ion Foot Spa as well as a website for Aulterra EMF neutralizers and related products.

While the Sauna website redesign will be launching soon, the other sites are live now.

As a family owned and operated business, Lenson was established in 2005. We specialize with our own line of quality made Far Infrared Saunas and Ion Foot Spas. It is through the detoxification process that cleanses your body of toxins and heavy metals. This will allow your body to function at a more energetic, effective and stronger level where you can fight disease, cancer and a variety of health issues that plaque modern society. We have always been interested in and studied ways to improve and maintain our good health and it is through our web site that we can share this information and products with you.