Tom Thomson’s Last Bonfire (Book)

Very excited to share the new website just finished for our client Geoff Taylor and his first book that’s just been published, Tom Thomson’s Last Bonfire.
Just in time for Canadas 150th, this book is sure to be a hit with avid paddlers and Algonquin goers.

As an added bonus. Geoff’s book cover uses the art work of one of our other client, George Raab. Awesome to see his great art on the cover and the website.

“Two veteran guides are fishing on an Algonquin summer morning when they pull Tom Thomson’s waterlogged corpse from Canoe Lake. Taking him to a remote island, they stand vigil over their friend around the clock. The events of the next twenty-four hours have fuelled the speculation and intrigue surrounding Tom’s life and untimely demise for more than a century”

Congrats Geoff, can’t wait to get a copy myself


“You have done a beautiful job on the site Craig.”
- Geoff