Meet The Fosters

We Create and Maintain your Online Presence


With more than fifteen years of experience developing and maintaining hundreds of websites, Craig has a deep understanding of how to translate a client’s ideas into a beautiful and functional online presence.

“Creating clean, fresh and memorable designs is what gets me going. Whether I’m working on a new website, rearranging the office, or figuring out the best plate to use to serve dinner, I’m always designing something. And for the record, vegetable lasagna with salad is best presented on a white background.”


From the retail marketplace to the digital landscape, Michelle’s interest in creating seamless connections, between a client and their customers, has developed into a passion over the past decade.

“There’s something satisfying in figuring out a magician’s secret. I get positively giddy when all the integrations are working smoothly and seamlessly behind the scenes. And I can’t sleep at night when they don’t. It’s a sickness, really.”